Friday, July 15, 2011

Project 365: Day 28- July 14th (And Project 52)

We had a swimming day today with Kyra and Bentley! :) What fun, let me tell you, hehe! Tayler and Bentley are getting soooo big! If you remember correctly (or if you're just catching up with my life...) Kyra and I were pregnant at the same time. We were preggo partners and she ended up having Bentley March 1st, 2011 and I had Tayler March 31st, 2011 :) And now Bentley is 4 months old and Tayler is 3.5 months... and boy oh boy, they are hilarious together. Check out this picture:

Oh my goodness. ADORABLE, right? haha! These two are just soooo cute, I can't get over it! :)

And I took a separate picture of Tayler to mark her being 15 weeks old today. Seriously. 15 weeks! She's almost 4 months old. People--- that's 1/4 of a year! Where in the world has time gone?! And where is my itty bitty baby? She's so freaking independent now. She won't let me snuggle here while sleeping anymore. She won't sit back on my chest. She won't lay on my chest. She's teething. She's cranky, haha! She's learning to sit up. (It's a work in progress.... I'll post that picture in a second too!) She's cooing. She's talking a whole lot. She's laughing. She's stealing my heart every single day :) 

Please note that that bathing suit is 24months. Bathing suits HAVE to be made super small. haha!

And here's her trying to sit up:

We're working on it! :)

And I had a lot to get done yesterday in between our swimming. One of those things was to make sure that the chicken was in the crock pot by 1:30PM so that it would be ready before E left for work. So, I had to hurry up and run inside to do that... and it was time for Bentley to eat, so Kyra had to go make him a bottle. What did that mean for Ethan?

What you can't see is that Bentley was SCREAMING when this picture was taken, haha! After snapping the shot, I got him out of E's hands because he was freaking out! LOL It was adorable. What would we ever do with twins? I'm not sure, haha!

And oh yes-- you have to check out this picture. We laid them on the floor for some tummy time and what did they do? Watch 'Chain Reaction' of course! :) 


Cheers to Project 365 and Project 52. My baby's getting big!

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