Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project 365: Day 30- July 16th

Today was our family reunion :) I LOVE family reunions and it was even more special this year because it was Tayler's FIRST family reunion! YAY :) We were giggling because no one knew I was pregnant last year (I didn't know either because I was only like 2 weeks pregnant, haha!) The way the timing worked... I wasn't pregnant last year and showed up with an almost 4 month old daughter this year. Yes, that was slightly confusing for those that didn't keep up with my life, haha! 'I didn't know you were pregnant..' Yea... I didn't know either. SURPRISE! lol! :) But we had soo much fun! We participated in a corn hole tournament, there was tons of food, and karaoke! :) Here's E, Tayler, and me:

We're a happy family, hehe! :) 

The decorations were adorable too:

Even though some of them kind of made me mad because they started tearing down like an hour into it. I thought I was going to have to twist people's arms to keep the fence up so we could get our pictures in front of it, haha! I know I shouldn't have been so invested in simple decorations, but it was Tayler's first reunion. I wanted pictures of it, darn it! :)

Ethan wouldn't let Tayler go most of the time. He misses her a lot with his whole working midnight shift thing, poor fella.

Aren't they adorable. Those are my heartbeat right there!

Once we got home, we headed to our home town where our storage unit is to get all of the things to decorate Tayler's room at my parent's house. It's finally carpeted and painted, so now the REAL work began, haha! :) And this is the final result:

We LOVE it and I think Tayler does too! ;) Thanks mom and dad for everything!

Cheers to Project 365!

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