Monday, August 1, 2011

Project 365: Day 45- July 31st

We woke up this morning at the INN AT DRESDEN. The staff... the room... everything was simply amazing! :) When you stay there, you get a free breakfast... and let me tell you something.... no offense to the hotels out there in this world that do continental breakfasts, but this place would kick all y'alls booties, haha! They made us hashbrown quiche, bacon, cinnamon raisin bread, toast, a breakfast cookie, fresh fruit, orange juice, and tea ..... YUM.

It was delicious..

And would you check out our view while eating breakfast..

Makes you thankful for this precious gift called LIFE. 

And it made us miss our angel. We were ready to get home, haha! Is that sad? We're gone for one night and we can't wait to get home to see her! :)

Once we got home, it was time to test out BABY FOOD on our sweet Tayler. They have baby food now for 'supported sitters' and since Tayler still hasn't quite got used to the whole 'sitting up by herself' thing, this fit her like a glove. What'd we try first?

The dreaded Green Beans

But guess what?

She actually liked them! No funny, icky faces at all, haha!

But she soon tired of it. She'd rather have that instant gratification of a bottle. Why should you have to work for your food, right? haha!

And how about that high chair? Honestly, when I was pregnant for Tayler, I didn't think we would use that this soon, but she sits in it perfectly. No need for blankets or extra support. Where'd my baby go? :(

Cheers to Project 365!

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