Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project 365: Day 46- August 1st (And Project 52)

It was a pretty boring day yesterday. We ran a few errands.... got Tayler some formula... and went swimming. Whoo? haha! So, since I didn't do a 4 month recap for my sweet Tayler, I figured it'd be time to do that NOW! :)

Tayler turned 4 months old on 7/31/2011.

Boy oh boy, this girl!

She is LOVING this baby food! We started her on it Sunday night and Monday night she was LOVING it. We tried Green Beans first. We read that you should start babies out on veggies so they don't get used to the sweet fruits first.. and it worked wonders. In all honesty, Tayler would rather eat her green beans than her bananas! Shocked?? Me too! We bought Green Beans, Bananas, Peas, and Apples. So far she has only tried the Green Beans and Bananas, but I'll keep you posted on the rest later! She even opens her mouth for more.. even if the spoon isn't up to her mouth, haha! My mom said, 'If all you've had is formula for the past 4 months, wouldn't you want something that tastes better and different too?' I heard dat! haha!

She is sitting up by herself a lot better. She's still leaning forward quite a bit... and falling over, haha, but she's getting the hang of it :) It was hilarious. I had her laying in my bed, propped up by a pillow... and she pulled herself up, fell forward, and didn't realize she had to put her hands in front of her.. so of course, she face planted.. poor thing! But she's trying! It's adorable!

Oh, oh... and I should have mentioned---  she tried out her high chair for the first time too! She LOVED it. Let me tell you-- she thinks she's big stuff, haha! She's pulling stuff off tables--- pulling on daddy's glass as he's trying to drink. She's getting smart. Momma loves her! :)

And let me tell you this--- I yelled at her Papaw Saturday. He got a little bit of blue Powerade on the end of his straw and let her taste it. And then let her taste it some more after I told him NO! haha! He's bad! And what was his response? 'I did this to you and you turned out fine...' hahahaha! Gah, what am I going to do with these grandparents of hers?!

Tayler also got to meet her Grandpa Rick for the first time this past week :) It was good that she got to experience that! I was very happy and so was Tayler's daddy!

I think that's a good recap! I'll have some more information on her weight/height by the end of the week because she has her 4 month well baby :)

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