Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 67- August 22nd

Monday was a FAMILY day :) Ethan is preparing to switch jobs (which means he is back to day shift!) so we are spending as much time together as possible :) And that means spending A LOT of time with our Tayter-Monster, who has become quite the thumb sucker here lately! Darn teefers! :P She sucks and sucks on that digit. 

And how freaking cute is that shirt? Matt and Carrie bought that for her before she was even born. Of course, I was a fan--- Mommy's Lil Cupcake ;) It's true!

And Tayler is reaching and grabbing everything now-- including Daddy's koolaid glass, Mommy's laptop, Mommy's cell phone......

Just imagine when she's MOBILE. Oh Lawwwd! haha! :)

And what did we do Monday night?

Oh, we cuddled up and watched 'Hocus Pocus.' When that's on TV, you know it's a sure sign that fall is DEFINITELY around the corner.... BLESS THE LORD! :)


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just catching up with your blog...i totally watched Hocus Pocus with my dad monday night too (: