Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 68- August 23rd

My little lady was totally color coordinated today. That's something that's very important for a 20 week old, trust me ;) haha! Her headband matched her 12 MONTH pants. (Oh, I'm serious.. my ALMOST 5 month old is wearing 12 month pants. She's long. Future WNBA?)

I thought she looked freaking adorable :) That little girl is so cute!

Ethan and I went to KFC today.... They have a value meal with a KFC Snacker, 1 Side Item, and Medium Drink for $2.99. Can you beat that? And as soon as Tayler was put in the car, she was out like a light. And she slept through the whole meal! 

I think she's going through some kind of growth spurt. She's eating a lot, sleeping a lot.... bless her wittle heart! When we got home, she played for awhile, hung out with Gigi, and yet again... went to sleep on Mommy :)

She's OUTTTTT. E and I ran to Walmart during this little number and bought me some new make  up. I watched 'What Not to Wear' and it inspired me :) I'll post pictures later!


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