Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project 365: Day 107- October 1st (and Project 52)

Saturday was my our Scentsy party! If you aren't familiar with Scentsy, check out but BEWARE. You will become addicted, that is for sure, haha! Here's the table all set up for that. I set them up in categories so everyone could sniff in that order, hehe!

We had such a good time and I'm so glad everyone came out! I can't wait for everyone to get their items :) I hope they love it as much as I do. There's nothing like coming home and smelling 'Pumpkin Roll' and knowing that your house is safe with it lit during the day!

And thank you to my future sister in law Marie for baking 'Cake in a Jar.' She found this on Pinterest (her newest addiction as well) and made it for us! We LOVED it! She's so good at that kind of stuff!

So cute right? :)

After the party, Kelly, Josh, Gabi, Ethan, Tayler, and me went to the bowling alley. I've been dying to go, haha, so I was excited when everyone wanted to! :) The girls played on the floor while we bowled. How adorable are they?

I love that smile of Tayler's :) And she loves Gabi!

But Tayler soon wore down and it was nap time for her, haha! She was out cold!

So, during that time, I took pictures of all of us bowling... well, posing prior to bowling, haha!
Ethan.... *sigh*

Kelly... :)

That's me..

And well, I got a picture of Josh holding Gabi by the score keepers thing, haha!

We bowled three games and were completely worn out, so we went and sat down and the guys played a few games of pool, which brings me to a funny story. The cue ball got stuck inside of the pool table, so Ethan and Josh thought they couldn't play anymore. Well, a guy brought out an extra cue ball and guess what my husband does instead of using it to play with? He throws it down the hole and it gets stuck. We were all like, "Ethan!? What are you doing!?" hahaha! He's like "What? OH.. Wait.. That was the dumbest thing I've ever done." Uh, yeah. It was!

And today marked my daughter being 6 months old. Okay, well.. kind of! She was born on March 31st and since there isn't a September 31st (what were they thinking?!) we had to celebrate her being a half a year old today! Here's a picture of our big girl:

What are you doing at 6 months old?

Well of course, you're sitting up by yourself. You're scooting. You're up on all fours just rocking back and forth. We're waiting for you to realize you can take off. You've got the strength, you just don't realize it. You are chowing down on baby food, baby yogurt, apple juice, white grape juice, and cereal. You have an amazing schedule down when you eat. You have a bottle about 7AM, cereal at about 9-10, a bottle about noon, baby food at 2, another bottle about 5, baby food at about 7 or so, and then a final bottle at 9-10. (After your bath) Speaking of bath time, you have this octopus that you LOVE. It's purple and pink and oh my word, as soon as we put you down in the tub you grab it and suck on it, throw it, bite it. It's hilarious! You're wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes (especially sleepers!) You're so long! You have a doctor's appointment coming up so I'll know more about measurements then! You are beautiful. You have such a personality. You grab stuff out of our bowls, off our plates, haha! You never cease to amaze me. We love you so much!


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