Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project 365: Day 109- October 3rd

Tayler and I had a fun day today. While I was doing a few loads of laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning.. she played with toys. After everything was done though, I got down there and started playing with her, but sheeeesh. She looked soo stinkin' cute playing, I had to take some pictures, haha! I LOVE that smile and the fact that she is having a lot of fun with her toys!

I'm super excited for Christmas already... more toys.. more toys, haha! :)

We may even be investing in a baby gate in the next few weeks!! I'll keep you all posted on that progress.... it's happening... whoohoo!

And since E got home EARLY we ran some errands and got some BK soft serve ice cream..... I'm addicted here lately. I'm lactose, but seriously-- that stuff doesn't hurt my tummy! It's a miracle!

As the night progressed, we got Tayler a bath and then we all cuddled up for our Monday night favorites--- The Lying Games and Ridiculousness!


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