Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tayler's First Birthday

I am seriously THAT mom.

I've said that phrase over and over again, so I guess I'm just cliche, but for real. 

81 days until Tayler's birthday.

I know, it is UNREAL that I know that. But I really did just sit down and count. I've been thinking about her '1st' birthday for quite some time now, but 81 days just sounds soooo close for some reason. Fortunately, her birthday falls on a Saturday, so you best believe we are partying it up on that day! 

As for right now... I'm trying to get all of my ideas together. I have never hosted a 'first' birthday before, but with every other party that I have ever hosted, I know that the date sneaks up on you.. and fast! So, I figured I'd get a head start that way everything can go as smoothly as it can on a first birthday. I'm not saying it will be perfect (because Lord knows she will probably be cranky or fall asleep during it, haha) but I still want the pictures to be bangin', ya hear??

If you hadn't heard or guessed already, the theme we are going with is:


Why? Oh, because we have only seen every episode 1,234,234,343 times. That's alright. It's entertaining, educational, and fun! EEF ;) Oh, we use mneomics around here folks! :)

I am seriously addicted to pinterest. Don't believe me? Check that bad boy out:

And I have pinned every single thing you could ever imagine about a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday.

You could say I'm a bit obsessive and of course, EXCITED! Because, come on, how many times does your kid turn 1, right? :)

So, anyways... the cake has been decided and we just have to submit the design to the lady that will be designing it, so at least that is taken care of! After that, it's all up in the air. But I have a few ideas! 

Bright colors will definitely be incorporated. Good news is we should get our taxes back right before her big day... so, we are going all out! I want to paint the Yo Gabba Gabba land for a nice back drop behind the food. And for behind the cake and other sweet goodies, I want to get a few boxes and cover them with the colors of the characters: yellow, red, pink, blue, and green.. and tape their eyes and characteristics on them. Then pile those suckers on up! Plus, we HAVE to have a banner that says 'Happy Birthday Tayler!'

Plates and cups will be colorful too! And I want some name tags that says 'My name is ______. I like to dance.' If you watch this show, you should appreciate that, haha! Tayler lives for those moments... and the 2 minutes Hector Jimenez is on there. I have no idea who he is, but she giggles the whole time he sings 'Jumping Jelly Fish.'

My mom is going to design her outfit. She's super excited about this (as am I!) And she wants to get us all shirts made. I have requested a shirt that says 'Don't bite your friends!' :) Maybe I'll be crafty and make one?? ;) (doubtful, haha!) 

So there is an overview of what I want to see.... I'm sure I'll update everyone with the progress and OF COURSE, pictures will posted after the party!! :)

What did everyone do for their kids first birthdays? Care to share any pictures?? :)