Monday, February 6, 2012

Crack and Texas

First... CONGRATS to the Giants on their Super Bowl victory! That was an incredible game. I'm a serious football fan, but when there are blowouts... I could really care less about what is going on. Last night, however, I was on the edge of my seat. I'll be honest. I wanted the Giants to win JUST BECAUSE Eli was playing in his brother's stadium. There was no other reason besides that. I thought it would be an amazing honor for him. And I'm sure it was! :)

Speaking of the Super Bowl...

I made 2 dips for the game and I thought I'd share the recipes with you guys. The pictures are terrible and I apologize for those, but they tasted delicious (at least I REALLY thought so ;)) and I think that's all that matters!

Bacon Cheddar Dip, AKA Crack.

All you need is:

16 ounces of sour cream
1 cup of cheddar cheese
3 ounces of bacon bits (in the bag, not the jar)
1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix

Mix all of that together and refrigerate. I refrigerated it about 12 hours and it was perfect! 

We served it with Ritz Crackers! Perfection! :)

I got this recipe here.

And the other dip I made was a Texas Queso Dip. We served that with tortilla chips and oh my word, I am thankful there were a small bit of leftovers (unlike the bacon cheddar dip, haha. It really was like crack to everyone!)

For this, all you need is:
A block of Velveeta Cheese
1 lb of hamburger
A packet of Taco Seasoning
a can of Cream of Mushroom soup
a can of Rotel

First, start browning your hamburger. While you are doing this, cut the cheese up into small blocks. Throw those into the bottom of your crock pot. Next, pour in the Cream of Mushroom Soup and the Rotel. After the hamburger is browned and drained, follow the instructions for the taco seasoning. After this has been completed, dump it on top of the cheese and soups and turn on low. Continue stirring and when the cheese is melted... it's ready to go!!
I found this recipe here.

(Obviously check it on it a bit. My cheese burned on the sides a tad bit... that's what happens with a 10 month old running around LOL)

But everyone enjoyed it including my husband who whined and complained for the first hour because I put tomatoes (from the Rotel) in it. He hates tomatoes. I told him to suck it up. He did. AND LIKED IT.
MUHAHAHAHAHA. It's all in his head about tomatoes. Dork.

So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoy! They were perfect Super Bowl appetizers.. .along with my mom's pulled pork and cole slaw, peanut butter jelly bars, and cheesy bacon bites. We had a scrumptious meal!
Have a great day, everyone!

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