Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project 366: Day 43 [March 30th]

This morning started out normal.

I got Natalie up and ready to go home with her Momma! Kenton (the new little boy I am baby sitting) came over about the same time. His mommy left to go to work, Natalie's Mommy came to get her. She stayed here for a little bit and sniffed scentsy and all of that good stuff, then she packed up their stuff and headed out the door.

About 2 minutes later, I heard a knock at the door and it was Natalie's Mommy. She said her car wouldn't start. I called Ethan and told him what the car was doing and he said it sounded like her battery.

Since neither one of us know what we're doing when it comes to ANYTHING remotely related to cars, I did the only logical thing and called my dad. Fortunately, he had a client cancel and he came over to help us out. He tried charging it...

And that didn't work :( We weren't sure what was going on with it! So, Papaw came inside because he had to go back to work, but he wanted to give some lovin's to Tayler before he left.

She had JUST woke up (sleepy head!) and we thought her hair looked so stinkin' cute!

She's so precious when she just wakes up. We always have a morning ritual where we sing 'Good morning, Good morning, Good morning it's time to get out of bed! Good morning, good morning, good morning, wake up you sleepy head!' She loves it :)

So needless to say, Brittany was stuck, haha. We made tons of phone calls to get things fixed and to get her home. I couldn't take her with a car.. and three kids that needs car seats haha! We were a mess, but how cute were the kids? They were all having a blast together!

Of course, 'Yo Gabba Gabba' was on! They all love it!

And eventually, Brittany went home. Her car is still sitting in our drive way though, haha ;) Sadly, a fuse blew, so they have to wait til Monday to get the part! 

After they left, I just sat here and took in the date. I'm a huge person when it comes to that kind of stuff. I love thinking about what was going on 'a year ago' and thinking about all of the feelings and emotions that went with it.

8:30AM... a year ago today.. my water broke. Here's a picture of me right before heading to the hospital:

Yes. Super attractive. Not matching and my belly is hanging out ;) That's 38 weeks, 6 days pregnant.

Tayler was ready.

I'll never forget that moment. I woke up as normal and got up out of bed. The bed was soaked. I thought I'd peed the bed, but as I got up, it just kept coming. And I'm going to be gross, but honest here: It had an odd smell to it! I just had that gut feeling it was my water. I grabbed my cell phone and called my mom and told her I thought my water had just broke. She said, 'Call the nurses line and see what they tell you do' because I wasn't even having ANY contractions at the time.

I called the nurses line and this is how our conversation went:

Me: 'Hello, I think my water just broke.'
Nurse: 'Oh my word. Okay. Where are you?'
Me: 'I am at home alone.'
Nurse: 'Stay calm. Let me try and get a hold of your doctor and tell him you're in premature labor.'
(I pause..)
Me: 'If you go anytime before 40 weeks, it's premature?'
Nurse: 'No. If you were 37 weeks, this wouldn't be a huge deal.'
Me: 'I'm confused. I didn't even tell you how far along I was? I'm 39 weeks tomorrow...'
(Awkward silence)
Nurse: 'Oh my word! I'm still thinking about the lady that just called in! Hunny, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's wonderful news! Nothing to be alarmed about! Get on in to the hospital. You're having a baby!'

hahaha. Hilarious.

I then called Ethan. I said, 'Are you ready to be a Daddy?' And he was like, 'Are you serious?' I proceeded to tell him my water broke and I swear, he didn't even tell me good ye before he was on the road! Then we called my dad because I was 35-40 minutes from both parents and an hour from Ethan.. and in labor! haha! My dad hurried up and left work and got there as quick as he could. I swear, Ethan got home in about 40 minutes! He was QUICK. We came inside. I tried to get contractions going by laying on  my left side. We made sure we had everything and we were out the door!

It was snowing outside! And I had the air on in the Ford Focus, haha! Ethan was like 'I am absolutely freezing, Alyssa!' But I was so nervous I needed air in my face! At noon, they confirmed it was my water that broke and I was admitted.

Our baby was coming. Ready or not! We told everyone the news and we got ready to go!

As time passed, they gave me pitocin to get my contractions going because I was having trouble progressing myself. Time drug by. She still wasn't here at 8PM. I remember that time clearly because 'American Idol' was on. It was a Wednesday night and they were performing, but I missed just about all of them. Contractions were getting a little more difficult at this time, but I still wasn't dilated enough to get the epidural. 

Those contractions were rough. Everyone was taking shifts, holding my hands, and helping me breathe. (Everyone included Ethan, my mom, my dad, and Makala!) I ate banana popsicles that tasted amazing because I hadn't ate in such a long time.

By midnight, there was still no progress. My doctor assured me a c-section would likely be in my future...

And I will share the rest of the story with you tomorrow.. ON HER BIRTHDAY! :)

After thinking about old times.. we got ready to go!

We went grocery shopping with Gigi, then we headed to our friend's Alberto and Laura's house! They were having a cook-out there and we were so excited! It was storming like crazy out and tornado warnings were on the Weather Channel, but we did it anyway, haha! Alberto cooked some amazing tilapia and steak.. we also had salsa and chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, rice, and carrot cake. It was just wonderful! Tayler had a blast too! She played barbies with their 5 year old and almost the entire time! :)

I think Tayler thought she was SO big, haha! Their little girl did too! She said:

'How old is Tayler?'

I said: 'She's 1'

To which she replied, 'Oh my gosh. I am so much bigger than her. I am 5!' 

hahahah! She was cracking us up! 

We had such a good time, but we were beat! We had a loooooong day today, haha! We came home and crashed! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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