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Project 366: Day 44 [March 31st]


I'm typing in all caps because I'm super excited. Today is my baby's FIRST birthday! That's right y'all... Tayler is 1 YEARS OLD today!

Can you believe that?

I started off yesterday talking about my labor story and I figured I'd start off where I left off. I told y'all that by midnight, I had still made no progress. I couldn't get the epidural yet because I was STILL only dilated 2 (after being in the hospital for 12 hours!!) I was so disappointed and so frustrated. I just wanted my baby to be here. I couldn't understand how the contractions were SO bad.. but I was still hardly dilated. My doctor finally told me he was going to be back at 6AM to do a c-section. Not exactly the news I wanted to hear, but at least I had some kind of time frame, you know?

I laid back and tried to relax. But I swear, it felt like the contractions were just getting worse. I was in tears and just felt miserable. 

At 1AM, they checked my cervix because of the amount of pain and pressure I was feeling. And guess what? I WAS DILATED 5. That meant it was time for an epidural. I remember hearing Ethan telling everyone to please hurry. I was in SO much pain it was unreal. It felt like an hour had passed and the anesthesiologist was still not there. I remember my mom standing to my right. I was holding her hand and I kept telling her, 'Mom, I feel like I need to push.' And she said, 'Hunny, you're only a 5. You'll know when you're ready to push.' The nurse said the same thing. All I could think was, 'Just bring me that stupid epidural and I will feel better, gosh darn it!' But the pushing sensation just got stronger.. My legs were shaking. I had to do it! So I did.. and the waters started gushing. (Sorry, is that gross?) My mom said, 'Uhm, guys, something is going on down there!' The nurse ran over, checked me, and this is what I heard:


I said, 'What does that mean?!?' and she said, 'Hunny, you are a 10!!!!' I dilated from a 5 to a 10 in 10 minutes. Yes, folks. It was only 1:10 when they determined I was ready to have this baby,,, with no epidural! Like I said, we have always been on Tayler's time ;) haha! I remember hearing the nurse calling my doctor and saying, 'She's ready to start pushing.' He was in complete shock! He had just got home, haha! Poor fella! So, he said he would be back.

But the nurses got me started pushing immediately.

I felt like I only pushed for 10 minutes, but I pushed for about an hour. The doctor finally arrived at 2AM and I had Tayler at 2:22am. She was 6lbs 3oz and 20 inches long. She started crying immediately. The nurses took her over to start cleaning her off and I remember talking to her and they kept saying, 'She can hear you momma!' Every time I talked, she stopped crying. That made my heart feel amazing! They finally brought her over and Ethan and I got to see her clearly for the first time. It was such an amazing moment! I'm so thankful for my Mom and Ethan helping me through the 'pushing' part. And I'm thankful for my dad and Makala... sitting out in the living room sleeping, haha! :) It was late.. It was a long night, but it was completely worth it!

Here's our sweetheart... her very first picture:

And now.. she's 1.

It went fast. That's all I can say!

This is our big baby this morning, fast asleep in our bed:

She's so big :( Not 20" anymore, haha! I'll find out her true measurements on Tuesday at her 1 year old check up!

And then, she finally woke up and got a picture with Daddy:

Is she not the cutest thing? That girl loves her daddy! And look at that messy hair, haha! She had a rough wake-up, but we had to get moving because we were going to breakfast at 'Steak and Shake' with Pap and Gigi!

We got there and ordered our food. I got sausage gravy and biscuits and we bought Tayler some pancakes! She loves her some pancakes!

And she got her picture taken with her Pap and Gigi. They were so excited to see her:

They have been there for all 3 of us so much this past year. I can't even thank them enough! They gave us a place to live until we moved into our home, cooked us meals, have baby sat Tayler.. they are wonderful and I appreciate them so much!

We took Tay's picture by the giant ruler there too so we could remember her height on her first birthday :)

Looks like she's about 2 foot 8" which makes her: 32 inches tall! 

After that, we went home to clean up and get things together for visiting everyone from our home town :) That's where all of E's side of the family lives.

But not before we saw Makala first :)

Makala just adores Tayler :) And she just adores her!

But Tayler was having a rough time. She was soooo tired already! I guess waking up at 830am is rough, haha! She just cried and cried, but we said.. it's her birthday and she will cry if she wants to, right? 

Such a sweet baby :)

Then we were off to see her Grandma Carol, Aunt Arena, and Uncle Jon.

On our way there, we had to get baby wipes and I told Ethan to just stop at Family Dollar. He said, 'No, I'm going to go this way and hit the Dollar General on the way.' I said, 'Ethan, there is NO Dollar General that direction!' And he said, 'Yes there is! I'll show you.' So.. we went that direction. Here' where he said there was a Dollar General:

Thank God we went that direction. Because there WASN'T a Dollar General there LOL! So, we had to go back the other direction to the Family Dollar I originally told him about....

Here's Tayler with her Grandma Carol:

She wasn't interested in cuddling, haha! She wanted to walk around! So, Grandma let her!

She kept wondering around and getting into things that she shouldn't, haha! So Grandma gave her a pot and a spoon to make 'music' with :) she didn't understand the concept at first, but she soon got it!

She had a blast!! :) Grandma Carol bought Tayler 2 new outfits and 2 new pair of shorts! :) We had Taco Bell for 'linner' (a mix of dinner and lunch!) Tayler had a cheese quesadilla and she absolutely loved it :)

We saw Uncle Jon and Aunt Arena too today, but I didn't take pictures. I completely forgot :( But they bought her two new adorable outfits! Thank you guys so much!

And then Tayler got to hang out with her best friends: Bentley and Jaylee. Tayler thought Jaylee was just hilarious!

I'm not sure what was so funny, but she just kept laughing and laughing! I'm so glad she got to spend time with her friends on her birthday. I can't believe they are all officially 1! :)

And we could tell Tayler was getting extremely tired! We'd been going since 830AM and it was almost 6PM by the time we left. Needless to say, we didn't make it 10 minutes down the road and we saw that she was out like a light ;)

Poor baby had a fun, but tiring birthday! :) We even got 2 more outfits from her friends Kyra and Bentley! 

Thank you to everyone that made her birthday AMAZING! It means the absolute world to us! :) We love having our sweet baby girl and we love seeing her have a great time!

Once we got home, we grabbed something to eat, then got to work. Tayler played while I cleaned my messy house and did laundry and Ethan painted! :) We got everything done and headed to bed. 

Hope you all had a fabulous day!

Cheers Project 366!

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