Friday, May 4, 2012

Project 366: Day 77 [May 3rd]

On Instagram, it was #throwbackthursday

and since EVERY Throwback Thursday I post something about my daughter from last year, I thought I'd share this picture of her. This is about this exact date last year... give or take a few days of course!

She was right around 6 weeks. CRAZY.  Already being a smiley baby :) LOVE her. And honestly-- I miss her being that little! :(

And now for the May Photo Challenge.

The task today was 'Something You Wore.'

It was almost 90 degrees today.

I wore a nice little Summer dress! :) What did you wear today??

And guess what?

I had A LOT of visitors today, but unfortunately, I only remembered to get a picture with one, haha! My mom and dad came over for lunch (at separate times.. so I got to spend some alone time with each of them :) It was really nice!) And my long lost friend Helen came to visit. We used to be best friends back in the day. We worked together, hung out on our days off... she was Helen the Felen, haha! Such good times! I have missed her and was glad she was back in town for a little while!

Okay and we are seriously pathetic.

We ordered this again... even though I had something to cook! UGH. But seriously, it tasted soo good last week, we figured 'Eh, why not?' YUMMM :)

But I still had to cook anyways because I needed to make something for E's lunch. So I still ended up cooking rice, chicken, broccoli, and some teryaki sauce. He better love me ;)

After that, we headed out to pick up a new prop that I bought off of Mamma's Market... AND to look for a new place to take pictures. I LOVE the place I am currently taking pictures, but honestly... I wanted something more. I wanted something that made me excited... and enthusiastic about pictures! I LOVE taking pictures, but the setting.. I just didn't 'feel' it. Well, guess what?


I have to tell you the peace that I felt there! This was seriously the PERFECT time of day for pictures! It was just gorgeous and I cannot wait to start doing all of my pictures there!! :) SOOOO EXCITED!!

Isn't God's masterpiece amazing? Only He could repaint this day after day...

Tayler came along for the ride too and she loved it ;) Here she is standing by Mommy's car (I know the quality is terrible, but i used my cell phone of course LOL!!)

Chewing on the toy car her Gigi bought her.

And here she is in the stroller. Little Alyssa. I'm sure that's what everyone is going to say ;)

She's so ornery!

Once we got home.. it was bath time and American Idol time.

I CANNOT believe that Skyler Laine got voted off before freaking Hollie. America. SERIOUSLY? I don't know what people are voting for anymore considering Hollie is still there and Elise, Coltin, and Skyler have all gone home... 


I digress.

Tayler looked extremely cute playing with her daddy's feet while AI was on...

I wouldn't play with those feet ;) haha but oh well, she thought it was hysterical!

Hope you all had an amazing day!

Cheers Project 366!

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