Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 4 and 5 of the Photo Challenge!

I am a few days behind on the January Photo Challenge, so I thought I'd take a second to update! :) 

Day 4 of the challenge was 'View From Here.'

The view after we got home from the grocery store last night was our matching shoes! :) We went grocery shopping and boy was I beat when we got home, haha! You wouldn't think being almost 23 weeks pregnant that you'd be that worn out, but man, I was. My legs hurt, my feet hurt. It was tiring, haha! We still had fun though :) And when we got home, we all cuddled in bed and watched 'National Security.' Then Tayler and I both crashed while Daddy stayed up and watched a movie he's been really wanting to see... 'Magic Mike.' HAHA! Totally kidding! He watched 'Warrior'-- it's some movie on Netflix he has been wanting to see :) 

Day 5 of the photo challenge was 'Movement.' 

Tayler LOVES playing with this toy! She loves moving the circles up and down. Sometimes she'll make me roll the circles up and she'll knock them down, haha! It's one of her absolute favorites :) It's a great game for her too because she can learn colors while doing it. I'll say... 'Knock down the orange one!' Sometimes she'll get it, sometimes she won't, but at least we're learning, right? :)

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