Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alphabet Weeks-- Day 1 --- Letter B

So the task today (May 19, 2014) was supposed to be:

MONDAY- BALLOON GAME! Blow up a balloon, talk about how the word 'balloon' starts with the letter 'B,' and then have fun trying to keep the balloon off of the ground. Every time you hit the balloon, count higher and higher! See how high you can count together :) 

And I was a horrible Mother and I completely forgot to put BALLOONS on my grocery list! So, I looked at the task today and immediately felt bad :( BUT... never fail.. we comprised!

We discussed the fact that BALL starts with 'B.' Tayler loved that part! :) Then we tossed/rolled a ball. Ethan got some softballs out for the girls to play with (and Tayler randomly found a golfball, so there you go! Lol) The girls had a blast. Tayler was a little distracted due to the fact that we were outside beside of our swing set, haha! :) But they loved rolling the ball.. Tayler even tried to throw it to Ethan a few times :) They're too cute! 

We even threw 'Bubble Puppy' in there for B-week too! ;) He's Quinnie's favorite :) 

Cheers to B-week!

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