Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recap of F-Week!

Monday, June 16th- FRUIT LOOP BARS. We are going to make Fruit Loop Bars for a snack today. Recipe is HERE.

Tuesday, June 17th- Draw/Trace the letter 'F' and hang it on the fridge.

 We did it on our chalkboard wall today. Mommy's 'Fs' are on the top and Tayler's are on the bottom
Wednesday, June 18th- Make FISHY faces. We will discuss how FISH starts with the letter F and we will have a blast learning how to make a FISHY face!

Today's task Wednesday, June 18th was suppose to be 'make fishy faces' but the girls weren't interested at all! So, instead, we made 'fish' themed cards for Daddy for 'Letter F Week!' Tayler's says 'You OFISHAlly stole my heart' and she drew a pretty picture for Daddy.. And Quinn's says 'Fishing you a great night' and she also drew a pretty picture with a little help from Mommy! They love coloring and daddy loved it too!!!

Thursday, June 19th- FRENCH TOAST. We are going to make FRENCH toast for breakfast and we are going to discuss how FRENCH TOAST starts with the letter 'F.' This should be a tasty treat for the girls and we should have a lot of fun making it together!

Friday, June 20th- We are going to go FISHING!

It has been consistently raining since we decided to do this activity, so we are taking a rain check.. LITERALLY LOL :)

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