Thursday, December 28, 2017

An Alabaster Box

In Mark chapter 14, we read about a woman in the city Bethany who brings an alabaster box to the feet of Jesus. This box was filled with a very special oil-- an oil that could have been sold for a great deal of money. She brought it with her to anoint the feet of Jesus and pour her love out on Him. The men and women gathered there called this act a waste, but she knew the reasoning behind it. She knew the cost of that oil- of her action- and it didn't matter what profit she could gain from selling the oil.. she needed it for her soul.

In other chapters, we read that this woman is called Mary of Bethany. Luke chapter 7 talks about this woman being a sinner. She bowed at his feet, weeping. She wash his feet with all of those heartbroken tears and then wiped it up with her hair. A symbol of humbleness. The people standing around talked about how this woman shouldn't have even been touching Jesus because she was a known sinner. If only they truly knew of His grace and mercy and how undeserving most of us are.

Jesus turned and looked at these people and told them He had a story for them. In this story, Jesus talked about a creditor that had two people which owed him debt. One owed 500 pence. The other owed him 50 pence. Neither one had money to pay the debt back, so the creditor forgave the debt of both men, The question then is: which man in debt did the creditor love the most? The men said, "I would think the man to which he forgave the most amount of money." Jesus said, "You are correct."

The cold chills overwhelmed me when I read this.

He loves me so much.

The person that has probably done more wrong than good in this world-- He loves me. He loves me because I'm trying. I'm leaving the past behind and moving forward with a repentant heart.

I've tried to change my ways for so long, but His strength has made it possible for me this time.

In that moment of shame. In that moment of desperation. In that moment of feeling so lost that all she could do was cry at the feet of Jesus..

He forgave her.

He said, "Thy faith has saved you. Your sins are forgiven. GO LIVE IN PEACE."

It's no wonder I couldn't find peace in my life when it was so burdened down with sin and trying to fit in to society.

Another interesting part of this story is the fact that a few verses later, we read about Judas Iscariot and how he betrayed Jesus for money. The lady seeking forgiveness didn't care about the monetary value of the money. She just wanted the attention of Jesus Christ. She just wanted His peace. His forgiveness.

Then you have Judas who was fueled to betray Jesus Christ by the almighty dollar.

Who are we choosing to be,